So we just experienced the twice a year ritual of “spring forward or fall back. As I was hiking this weekend the words from the title crossed my mind: Time changes, do you? Change is one of the constants of life.  Yet, many peoples’ first reaction is to resist change.  What is your attitude towards change?  Do you move with it or do you resist, fight, ignore or deny change?

Somewhere along the line I came across the words that happiness comes from learning how life works and working with it.  This is easier said than done. I am always much more willing to lose an hour of sleep, while “springing forward,” anticipating more light and life bursting forth in new growth, than gaining an hour,while “falling back.” How about you?

While recognizing that there is still part of me that wishes we were “holding onto the light,” I now breathe into the lessons of what this season has to offer.  I open myself to the rhythm of life, taking life on its terms rather than trying to control life. So what is your stance towards changing time and changing life?  What is one thingyou can do today to more naturally flow with the changing season?