Speaking Engagements

Tom Reid’s dynamic, energetic and inspiring presentations promote creative action and positive solutions to the challenges of group interactions. Each topic provides practical tools for exploration, discovery, self-expression and solutions resulting in a more fulfilling and fulfilled group dynamic. Invite Tom to speak to your group, team, employees or organization to engage them in new practices that will energize their work individually and as a team.

Topic Samples

Growing Through our Experiences of Trauma, Loss & Pain

What comes to mind when you hear the words trauma, loss, pain or grief? How have you dealt with the unexpected difficult experiences of life? What are some of the healthy practices that enable you to grow stronger through adversity and loss?

Waking Up to Whole Life Living

This talk provides an introduction to the attitudes, practices and behaviors that can propel you and your group forward towards a living experience of whole life. Each participant will learn to move from fragmentation to integration as you bring the parts of your life into a dynamic whole. You will each learn to recognize and develop your inherent creativity, which in turn generates more energy for life. Oriented towards action and outcomes you will be empowered with the tools to see results consistently and significantly in your life.

Enhancing Self-Confidence and Performance

This keynote talk invites you to explore the practices that grow and strengthen self-confidence. At the same time, you will be guided to recognize and replace the attitudes and behaviors that are not aligned with your heart’s goals and desires. Each participant gains a deeper understanding of themselves, a new empowered focus on their real strengths and possibilities, and realization of their potential.

Growing & Sustaining High Performing Teams

n this powerful presentation, participants explore the practices that nurture and encourage high individual, interpersonal and team performance. Participants experience first-hand the energy and momentum of living at one’s personal best and the synergy and creativity resulting from positive, creative and productive personal and work relationships. This is a must for teams that want to make a strong, positive difference in the lives of other people and communities.

Making Sense of Spirituality

How can we define spirituality in a way that opens us to it? Through reflection and discussion, you will develop greater clarity about the components of a living spirituality and how to make that come alive for you. Deepen your access to faith and friendship, and the roles of discipline, meditation, practice and prayer that fit you. Learn easy and helpful practices to make spirituality more a part of your daily life. Nurture and accelerate your ongoing spiritual development. A must for anyone questioning his or her faith, path or spiritual connection.

Comments from attendees

“Self-evaluation, self-knowledge > reviewed”

“Concrete ways/examples to live a balanced life”

“Dynamic speaker, good info, challenge”

“Everything, very informative and life-changing if I can put it into practice”

“The invitation to live the ‘Now’ – the Present Moment!”

“Very instructive and helpful”

“The practical applications”

“Good practical information, clear and realistic tools that can be used, thought-provoking quotes and comments, good sharing by Tom”

“I enjoyed listening to this presenter very much and felt his background and demeanor were a great fit for this presentation.”

“All materials presented in very short and concise, very useful in my spiritual journey”

“To know how to cultivate healthy living: physical, emotional & spiritual”

“The time was well spent.  Learned a lot.”

“I like the work you are doing.”

“Timely topic and a great approach to it.”

“I was not sure what to expect tonight.  Came a little afraid.  It turned out to be ok.”

“The fundamental characteristic of the relatively unaligned team is wasted energy”
~ Peter Senge

“Tom Reid has spoken for the Windermere Real Estate-Northgate office several times over the past 20 years. His positive outlook and demeanor infuses enthusiasm in his audience. Tom’s energetic personality is an effective motivator in an industry that has been challenged on many levels. His practical and inspiring presentation has the potential to change lives for the better.”
~ Steve T Senescall, Broker, Windermere Real Estate Co., Northgate

“Tom Reid has given presentations to the Renton Chamber of Commerce on two occasions at out Networking Breakfasts. Both of his presentations were well received by the participants. His presentation of  ‘Overcoming Self-Defeating Behavior and Living Your Personal Best’ is thought provoking, engaging and motivating. We had Tom speak at our first breakfast this year in January; his presentation was perfect for the new year, ‘Creating Your Mission Statement for Work and for Life’. Attendees walked away from the breakfast with a mission statement with goals for the year. Tom is engaging, enthusiastic, encourages audience participation and is motivating. He was diligent in customizing his presentations to the expressed needs of our group. Tom met with me prior to both events in order to better understand the audience. I would highly recommend Tom as a motivational speaker. I look forward to having Tom present again at a Renton Chamber of Commerce event.”
~ Kellie Jordan, Director of Events, Renton Chamber of Commerce

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