Two years ago, almost to the day, I was taken by ambulance to the hospital due to internal bleeding. During my twelve days in the hospital I coded four times! I have often said that at the time of my stay, except for passing out or coding a few times, I generally felt fine. (Other than that, how was the play . . .) While I never had the sense that the “end was near,” a friend of mine remarked: “You may never have felt it, but your body was saying: 10, 9, 8…” Fortunately, the medical team was able to diagnose the problem and through the use of nuclear medicine and Interventional Radiology, they were able to identify the source of the bleed and resolve my health issue.

Upon discharge, I was traveling for business within two weeks and hiking within six! I truly feel fully alive and back to life. Over the years the most common comment people have made about me is picking up on my positive energy. During this time of the second anniversary of my health crisis, I am more aware that I have almost always been blessed with good energy. I feel especially grateful for the continuing gift of life and I am building on the natural energies and opportunities of the new year. I have an abundance of energy to share.

How about you as you begin 2017? You don’t have to wait until you face a near-death experience to do an assessment of your life plan: Got energy? What’s fueling you? What is draining you? What are you tolerating? How goes life for you? What would you like more of/less of? Could you benefit from a boost of energy? Who is on your support team? Do you have someone who is in your corner encouraging you to live your personal best?

I am offering a free webinar, Energize Your Life in 2017, gathering at 4 pm PT this Thursday, Jan. 26. You can register here.